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Wedding Video Samples

About this wedding  $2999 - $4499                              Difficulty level: 8/10

The day was picture perfect, the bride was so happy. Capturing great moments was easy as the Bride's smile made every shot usable. The couple allowed enough time for each segment of the day's activities. This allowed us to capture the shots we needed and to also be creative on the fly. This wedding difficulty was an 8/10. This was a 3 location wedding video.The bridal prep, the church, and the reception location were all a few miles apart. 2 videographers and 3 cameras were used.

Package cost $3500 - $5000, which includes a photo montage, a video montage of the photo shoot, and a highlight reel of the day.

About this wedding  $2499 - $2999          Difficulty level: 7/10

Giando on The Water Brooklyn NY. The water and skyline views of Manhattan during the entire reception were awesome. This, coupled with the fact that the Bride and Groom were a ton of fun, made it a delightful day. We felt like we were hanging out with friends that we knew for years. This was a one location wedding video. Outdoor wedding videos are more challenging because there is little to no control over lighting. Achieving crisp audio can also be challenging. We had some really memorable moments in our office with the Groom, who was actually an actor in one of my favorite movies A Bronx Tale. This wedding video was shot with 3 cameras and 1 videographer.

About this wedding  $2499 - $2999       Difficulty level: 7.5/10

Another beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. This was a very difficult wedding to shoot and edit. Shooting outdoor weddings presents audio and lighting issues. Setting up remote cameras at the correct angle in relation to the sun can enhance the final video, which it did. The audio needed heavy editing  as there was a lawnmower and planes affecting the audio. This young couple's affection, love, and energy were off the charts. Very high energy reception. 1 videographer and 3 cameras were used.

About this wedding  $2499 - $2999          Difficulty level: 6/10

About this wedding  $2000 - $2999       Difficulty level: 8.5/10

Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle NY, never disappoints. This location offers a reception view like no other, if you are lucky enough to get the ballroom with the view of the harbor. Your reception will seem to be floating on water. On this occasion, only the cocktail hour had the beautiful view of the harbor. This Bride and Groom was our most high energy couple to date. We had no issues apart from the usual multi-location wedding challenges. This was a 3 location wedding.  A supercharged and super fun wedding reception that is a must see. 

Allaire village Park in Wall Township, NJ is another  great location. This wedding had a classic look and feel. It was like stepping back in time - a simpler time. This was one  of our most unique weddings due to the location. The couple enjoyed their wedding day, and we captured their memorable moments. 90% of the shots were natural, not staged or posed. Their wedding reception presented the usual lighting and audio challenges.

About this wedding  $3999 - $5499        Difficulty level: 10/10

Typical sunny  Florida day. This was a 3 day destination wedding.  We do offer a wedding package add-on called DATE NIGHT/DAY. We took the couple out on a date to the beach.   This wedding was uniquely challenging due the air travel and having to manage the constant salt water spray coating our camera lenses during the video shoot at the beach. Those issues, along with it being a multi-location wedding, made this one of the most difficult weddings. 1 videographer and 3 cameras were used.

About this wedding  $2499 - $2999        Difficulty level: 6/10

Galloping Hill Park and Golf in NJ is a beautiful location. A perfect day. This was a 1 location wedding. The Bride and Groom made the day pretty easy. There was ample time available to get the shots we needed. Velvet smooth wedding day. You do get more value with a 1 location wedding, because there is no time lost due to traveling, and it is also a less stressful experience. 

Our wedding was At A Garage

About this wedding  $2499 - $2999                                                                      Difficulty level: 1/10

Great day. Awesome weather. This wedding day location is a car guy's dream. This wedding was  held at a private collector's garage /warehouse, which is an actual event space. The car collection at this event space is amazing. The layout of the location is a must see. The day went smoothly. A very relaxing day. I am a car guy, so this was the most fun I have ever had shooting a wedding. The difficulty level was 1/10 as I had a great time on this shoot. Discount rates are available for any couple having their wedding at this location. The wedding was shot with 1 videographer and 3 cameras.

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